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    Can babies sleep on their tummy?

    Hello all, My new born baby keeps on getting on Timmy while sleeping i am bit sceptical of letting him sleep on his Timmy, can anyone tell if babies sleep on their tummy? If no then why and if yes why Tnx
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    Can newborn babies sleep on their side?

    My new born baby is 3 days old and I want to know if my newborn baby can sleep on their side or not? Thanks
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    How should a newborn be placed to sleep?

    Hello My son is mere 3 days old and back to home from hospital now I want to know How should my newborn baby be placed to sleep? Thanks
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    How much should newborn eat?

    On an average, a new born baby drinks 1.5-3ounces of milk every 2-3 hours. The quantity increaes as the baby grows up. it may be get up to 3-4ounces each feeding