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    what is the cruise control diet?

    I somewhere read that some diet names cruise control diet is good for losing weight. can someone tell me what is the cruise control diet? Thanks
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    What is Golo Diet ? Does it Help in Losing Weight?

    I just heard somewhere about Golo Diet what is basically this diet and does it really help in losing weight ? how many day does it take to lose weight and how much wait can be lost with this diet. Thanks
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    What is Copenhagen Diet ?

    Hello All, Today while searching for fitness articles, i came through diet called copenhagen diet , now i want to know what is copenhagen diet ? is it better then GM Diet Plan ? Thanks
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    What is the diet of an anorexic person?

    Anorexia is a kind of mental state that compels you to starve yourself to get thinner but not starving 100% of the time. Anorexics do eat but have a restricted diet. Obviously, anorexics don't want people to notice them starving so they might take a 300 calorie lunch when around family or...