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    Treatment for Teeth Grinding

    Teeth Grinding can be mild or serious. The treatment of bruxism or teeth grinding varies depending on its cause. Here are some of the common causes and the treatments to stop teeth grinding under such circumstances. Stress – Stress is one of the common causes that lead to teeth grinding or...
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    What is Bruxism or grinding teeth?

    Have you ever realized that you grind, gnash or clench your teeth when angry or anxious? Most people have this habit. This symptom is known as Bruxism in medical science. This is a condition that can affect both children and adults. Some people consciously grind or clench their teeth when angry...
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    How to get rid of white spots on teeth from braces?

    Hi, I have had gaps in between teeth's which looked offle and I found myself loosing my confidence and hence i started using braces, now problem is that I used braces almost of whole 1.5 years as result of which I see white spots on my teeth. Again I feel shy while laughing , Please tell me...
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    What is the definition of a good parent?

    Hi, can anyone tell What is the definition of a good parent and what would be definition of bad parent ? As far as i think this should sheerly depend on the situation they live in. Thanks
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    what causes sharp pain in left temple ?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me on how to manage pain in temple and what causes sharp pain in left temple ? Tnx
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    What is menopause ?

    Hello Friends, I have just heard about menopause, please guide me about menopause, what is menopause and what are its symptoms. Thanks