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    Pressure Points for Migraines?

    Acupressure is the traditional and ancient Chinese medical practice which relives from the body from many stresses. In order to get relief from migraine, the acupoint point is located between the base of your thumb and index finger.
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    What is a cyst and what causes it?

    Cysts are similar to a small bubble on the skin. The cysts may be of different size, it is filled with fluid. Cysts are common and noncancerous, it can occur at any part of the body. There may be any reason for occurring cysts like tumor, injury, infection,.
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    Do pregnant women get more urinary tract infections?

    The chances of urinary tract infections are more in pregnant women, especially at pregnancy time of 6 -24 week. This is also known as a bladder infection. This infection is common in pregnant women because of the growing uterus which blocks the drainage of urine and thus triggering infection.
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    What does aloe vera do for a sunburn?

    Aloe vera is the most suitable and perfect natural treatment for sunburn. you need to apply it about two or three times a day in order to get quick relief from Sunburn.
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    What is VLDL in a blood test?

    It is a type of blood fat related to cholesterol. This is considered as the bad form of cholesterol. High levels of VLDL cholesterol is not good for the heart because it can make the artery walls narrow and restrict the blood flow. This caused a heart attack.
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    when nausea starts in early pregnancy?

    Nausea usually occurs at the 5-6 week of pregnancy, this is the time of around two week after you missed your period. It is the most common early indication of pregnancy. So it is taken the most common sign of pregnancy for most of the women. Some women
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    how to treat red moles on the skin?

    Red moles are also called senile angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots . This can be defined as skin growth on the parts of body. This is very common and not dangerous but if it changes in shape, size and bleeding then need to consult doctor. Actually, these moles go away by their own, still lots...
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    Why does chamomile tea make you sleepy?

    As we all know sleeping plays an important part in order to remain active and healthy whole day. But, this is misfortunate that most of the people, almost 30%, is suffering from sleeping disorders like Insomnia and others. In order to compensate this, Chamomile tea can be a good option and can...
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    How many different types of sleep disorders are there?

    There are actually 8 types of sleeping disorder are there: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD) Restless leg syndrome (RLS) Narcolepsy REM Sleep Behavior Disorder Insomnia Circadian Rhythm Disorder
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    What is lung cancer called?

    Lung cancer may also referred as lung carcinoma, it is a tumor which is formed abnormal cells growth in lung's tissue.This unwanted cells create hurdle in the proper function of lung cells. These are spread beyond the lung by the process of metastasis. Two major types are non-small cell lung...
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    What is c4 pre workout?

    C4 is popularly known for intense energy, heightened focus. It is used by millions of people as a pre-workout supplement to increase workout energy, endurance, focus. We can say that it is the number one selling product in America. There are some side effects like stomach aches.
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    What is an EMG test for neuropathy?

    This EMG (lectromyography) is used in order to determine neuromuscular abnormalitiesi.e, the muscles activity against a nerve’s stimulation of the muscle. This test is performed by inserting one or more small needles in the form of electrodes into the body.
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    Is Lichen Planus an autoimmune disease?

    It is an autoimmune disorder. Its specific reason of occurrence is still now known. It is a kind of reaction which cab be skin, oral. This condition can be treated by injecting corticosteroids and oral drugs or phototherapy .
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    how to lose weight fast for women in a week at home?

    Here are some of measures should be taken to lose weight quickly: By following a low-carb diet for just a few days. If you want to achieve the 10 pound a week, then you should eat only whole foods entire week and avoid junk foods. Try to reduce your calories consumption. Lifting weights and...
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    What is a normal C reactive protein level?

    Liver produces the C reactive protien in our body. The high level of C reactive protein show the possibility of inflammation. It is among the group of proteins known as acute phase reactants that increases in respond to inflammation. The inflammatory proteins called cytokines, increase the level...