Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD)

Facebook Addiction Disorder

Facebook Addiction Disorder Definition and meaning : As the name suggests, it is more of a psychological issue that deals with excessive use of Facebook, and spending a great deal of time using it every day. The disorder usually involves so much of interaction of a person with Facebook that it starts interfering with the daily routine of life, including work and school. In fact, facebook addiction disorder has major negative effects on relationships as well within the family.

What Causes Facebook Addiction Disorder?

There can be a lot of reasons why one is addicted to facebook, but here below we list some of the top ones that you should know about:

  1. Minimal Effort is Required to Catch Up with Family and Friends
  2. One can share their personal information/photos simultaneously with a lot of people
  3. It is one of the best places to comfort our egos (especially showing off to others in a non-offending way)
  4. Since it is the ultimate place for getting all kinds of information
  5. It is one of the best places to keep the fond memories which can be cherished later.
  6. As per psychologists, facebook helps as a comforter as well as a mood booster.
  7. It fulfils all the social needs and in a very comfortable and easy manner.
  8. People tend to believe that they are doing something meaningful when they are on Facebook.
  9. Not only it helps in socializing but it also provides a good forum for gaming. This is undoubtedly one of the killer combinations and quite an addictive one.
  10. It helps one compare their current situation in life with that of others.

These are some of the well-known and most common causes associated with Facebook Addiction Disorder. Apart from this, it also helps in keeping oneself busy and does not give a negative feeling of loneliness.

Teenage Facebook Addiction Disorder

As per Pew Research Center, USA, the teenagers between the age of 12 and 17 are the most prone to the addiction of social networking especially Facebook. They call Facebook more of a social burden on teenagers. As per their research in 2012, around 94 percent of teens use Facebook or at least have Facebook accounts.

teen social media profile stats

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Facebook Addiction Disorder Symptoms

There are a lot of symptoms that can be associated with this particular disorder. This will help you understand the problem better and get a good treatment plan in hand. To know more keep reading below:

  1. Desperate Behaviour :- The person spends a good amount of time every day on Facebook when it comes to this particular symptom. Basically, they reach a stage where they need Facebook surfing to satisfy their hunger instincts. This usually leads to quite a detrimental effect on the person’s personal life. A way to know that the person is suffering from facebook addiction disorder is to check their PC for facebook windows. If it is open more than 3 times in a day, it confirms the disorder in the person.
  1. Drastic Fall in Normal Recreational Works :- Those who have this disorder will no doubt spend less time with family and friends or any other kind of hobby that they used to pursue earlier. It can also be in the form of any sport that they enjoyed earlier but now has reduced to a great extent because of facebook addiction disorder. They might start socializing with friends on facebook instead of meeting them for coffee as they used to do earlier. In extreme cases, they might even contact their parents on facebook rather than on calls.
  1. Fake Friends Increase :- Among the facebook friends, if more than 7 friends out of 10 are strangers, then definitely the person is facing from a serious disorder of using facebook.
  1. All talks about Facebook :- If the person is talking about Facebook even when he meets people in real, it is a serious symptom of Facebook Addiction Disorder. Saying things like ‘We will catch up on facebook’ or ‘Message me on facebook’ are some of the statements that confirm so.
  1. Symptoms of Withdrawal :- For those who try to withdraw from the facebook addiction disorder usually faces issues like anxiety, need to talk about facebook as well as distress. They also keep on imagining the latest news and notifications they must be having on facebook. This is another sign that confirms the existence of a psychological issue.
  1. You cannot tolerate power cuts :- If you are not able to handle power cuts and get really anxious about it, then this is one of the symptoms that bring you closer to a confirmation for the disorder.

Facebook Addiction Disorder Test

As per a lot of psychologists, facebook definitely is an addiction or obsession among a lot of people. There is a simple questionnaire test that can help one identify this particular problem. If most of the questions is answered is positive, you know what you are going through. Check here:

  1. Do you spend more time on facebook than you initially planned?
  2. Are you lethargic in the morning because of late night facebooking?
  3. Do your family and friends accept you spend most of your time on facebook?
  4. Do you spend more than 2-3 hours on facebook daily?
  5. Do you use facebook at your workplace/school as well?
  6. Are you restless when you cannot access facebook for a long period of time?
  7. Do you put in effort to make a lot of friends on facebook?
  8. Do you have a lot of strangers as friends on facebook?
  9. Is your relationship suffering because of facebook?
  10. Is your work/school performance degrading because of facebook?
  11. Do you play a lot of games on facebook?
  12. While updating facebook, do you feel sad if no one notices or comments on your update?
  13. Do you like keeping contact with people via facebook only?
  14. Does most of your online activity comprises of facebook?
  15. Do you try not to open facebook, but in vain?

These are some of the questions to which if 80 percent of the answers are yes, can be alarming and confirms the presence of Facebook Addiction Disorder. Make sure, you think about every question before answering for accurate results.

Facebook Addiction Disorder Effects

There is no doubt that the addiction to facebook will only bring in negative effects on health and in life in general. However, if we talk about the ill-effects of this disorder in details, it can be classified as below:

  1. There is no Longer any ‘Privacy’ :- One of the most adverse effects of facebook addiction disorder comes in the form of privacy destruction. The personal data becomes a thing of publicity now and on a social network which is viewed by millions. One way is to keep your personal stuff away from it.
  1. Kills Social Interaction :- The more a person becomes addictive to facebook, the less they start interacting with other people on a one-to-one basis. They are so busy interacting with strangers online, that they don’t get time for real people at all. This brings down the communication and social skills to a great extent.
  1. Health Issues :- Sedentary lifestyle is one of the harmful things to expect from facebook addiction leading to overweight problems and lack of exercise. Also, sitting in front of the PC for long can lead to issues with the eye health as well.
  1. Important Things Take a Back Seat :- For those who need to concentrate on their studies and for those who need to finish important work, FAD or Facebook Addiction Disorder leads to procrastination. It also reduces the time that normally one would dedicate to their works/study on a daily basis.
  1. Family Concerns Reduces :- For those with FAD, facebook comes first even before family. This leads to conflict of interest.
  1. Unaware of Surroundings :- Those who are addicted to facebook, are totally unaware of their surroundings. All they care about is posting on facebook and interacting with people online. This leads to avoidance of the people around as well as other important aspects that they miss.

These are some of the effects that can be definitely expected from this severe psychological condition.

Facebook Addiction Disorder Treatment

To treat the addiction to facebook, one needs to know what is the treatment procedure and tips that can help them overcome the issue. The healthy ideas below is bound to help in an effective manner.

  1. Address the addiction :- The first and foremost step to take towards treatment of Facebook addiction disorder is to accept that you are suffering from a problem. Half the battle is won, if you realize the issue.
  1. Make a Track Sheet :- The next step towards treatment from FAD is to start keeping a track of how much time you are spending on Facebook. This will help you understand the level of the problem and tackle it better.
  1. Talk to others :- Talk to your close ones and ask them how they feel of you spending so much time on facebook. Understand their feelings and discuss things openly. This is another of the ways to a successful treatment.
  1. Set a Time :- Once you fix a time that needs to be spent on facebook, it becomes a lot easier. A conscious effort to fix a time will only help you start your treatment process for facebook addiction disorder.  For this, put an alarm to help you know when the time is over.
  1. Limit the Feeds :- Limit the notifications and feeds that you get from facebook, especially from the ones you haven’t met in a while.
  1. Limit the Friend List :- Limit the friend list to a good extent. Only people of importance or close circle should be a part of your facebook account.
  1. Use a ‘Facebook Free’ Day :- One day of the week should be a ‘facebook free’ day. This will be more of a detox from facebook. Use this day to spend time with close ones on a one-to-one basis.
  1. Email Notifications should be shut down :- Shut down the email notifications from facebook. This will ensure you don’t get disturbed while you are doing something important or working in the office.
  1. Make a List of Pending Work :- There might be a lot of things you procrastinated because of facebook addiction. Make a list of those works and start spending some time on that. This will take your addiction away and in a constructive way.
  1. Consider Blocking Facebook :- If the above measures are not working for, one extreme consideration could be blocking facebook. This can help you get rid of the issue to a great extent.
  1. Take a Facebook Free Weekend Off :- This is one way that you can understand that life does not depend on facebook. Just enjoy the weekend off, go somewhere, enjoy with real friends and family and keep away from facebook for those two days.
  1. Stop changing status messages :- Reduce the number of times that you change your status messaged on facebook. This is something that needs to be done consciously.
  1. Deactivate the Account :- In highly severe cases of facebook addiction disorder, it is highly recommended that one totally cuts off from facebook. This is only possible if you deactivate your account. It is an extreme measure and suggested only if any of the above treatment options are not helping at all.

These are some of the best and simplest ways to treat the disorder of facebook addiction. One needs to know that these are only effective if followed honestly.

One other important thing that can be done as a treatment, is to join SMAA. This is also known as Social Media Addicts Association. Here, you can meet like-minded people who are suffering from the same issues. Once you start sharing your problems here, they can help you deal with Facebook Addiction Disorder in a really effective manner. It will also help you keep away from social networking website addiction in the future.

Note: “Facebook addiction disorder” is not medically approved term, rather it is an addictive behavior.

How Long does Caffeine Last in the Body?

How Long does Caffeine Last in the Body

Caffeine is found in a number of things such as coffee, tea and even chocolate and has a number of effects. How Long does Caffeine Last in the Body is a common question we ask ourselves. The answer lies below-

  • Caffeine can help to refresh your brain as well keeping you alert and awake.
  • Caffeine has antioxidant effects that can help in slowing down the ageing process and eliminating free radicals from the body.
  • Caffeine once ingested causes the kidneys to produce large amounts of urine which can be useful in removing toxins from the body.
  • Preventing diabetes.Though caffeine increases blood sugar levels this is only for a short period of time as it increases the effectiveness of insulin thus preventing type 2 diabetes.
  • Weight loss.Coffee has been known to boost metabolism and reduce heat in the body which is the best way to lose weight in time which is a very good application of coffee answering your question as to how long does caffeine last.
  • Coffee is a natural stimulant that makes everyone happy and on their toes ready to enjoy.

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How Long Does Caffeine Last in the Body?

Caffeine is metabolized in the body by the liver and is then distributed to every tissue in the body via the circulatory system in a matter of a good 45 minutes and then stays in your body for a long period of time. The half life of caffeine refers to the time taken for half the contents of caffeine to be eliminated from the body and is based on how healthy the body is. How Long does Caffeine Last in the Body-

  • Caffeine last for about 4.5 hours in healthy adults.
  • Caffeine last a good 9 to 11 hours in pregnant women.
  • Caffeine tends to stay in the system of children longer than adults staying around for a good 30 hours or so before dissipating, putting the crown on the longest amount of time caffeine lasts in the system and giving you your answer as to how long does caffeine last.
  • Caffeine may accumulate in the liver of people suffering from acute liver disease with the lasting life up to 96 hours.

What Is the Recommended Daily Amount of Caffeine?

There has been some research that has been carried out in the university of Japan that shows that drinking an amount of 100 to 150 mg of diluted coffee on a daily basis can help to solve a number of issues which may include gallstones, heart disease, Parkinson’s disease and so on. It has also been shown that people that do not drink coffee on a regular basis are more susceptible to the negative aspect that coffee has to offer. It also shows that men are affected more than women in regards to the negative aspect of coffee.

  • Healthy adults. Healthy adults can enjoy 2 to 4 cups of coffee on a daily basis without worrying about any side affects. This includes at the most 3 to 4 cups on a daily basis which is not a concern when wondering how long does caffeine last.
  • Pregnant women.During the period of your pregnancy drinking coffee must be strictly avoided because drinking coffee on a daily basis of approximately 2 to 3 cups a day may cause issues in the growth of the foetus.
  • Children should never be introduced to coffee as it may cause long lasting effects. Teenagers may drink milk coffee only which is milk mixed with a tiny bit of coffee ( approx. 100 mg daily) in order to be safe at all times.

If you are influenced by coffee even in the slightest way, then even one cup of coffee or even one sip of caffeine can get you to feel jittery and excited.

How long does caffeine last in the body- effects and results

Drinking more than 4 cups of coffee on a daily basis can actually cause a number of effects in the body because that is inclusive of at least 500 mg of coffee on a daily basis. Some of the effects may include-

  • Addictive feeling.People who plan to skip coffee entirely can go through feelings such as headaches, stress, insomnia, heartburn and many more symptoms that can come from the addiction of coffee..
  • Coffee causes los of calcium in the body which will definitely lead to osteoporosis in no time. Thus people who drink coffee must keep a close eye on the levels of coffee that they intake and ask their physician how long does caffeine last in the body.
  • Risk of myocardial infarction.Caffeine causes imbalances in the sugar levels in the body which causes heart attacks, easy to sweat symptoms, low blood sugar and so on. If women drink large amounts of coffee on a regular basis it could easily causes issues like myocardial infarction.
  • Stomach pain.Coffee has been well known to increase gastric fluid secretion in the stomach which most commonly will cause stomach pain on varied levels.
  • Abnormal fetal.Coffee has been known to cause abnormalities in the foetus which is why pregnant women must refrain from drinking coffee.
  • Hard to conceive.It is a well known fact that drinking coffee may decrease your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Tachycardia. Cutting down on caffeine must be a slow process as it may cause fatigue, stress and headaches if stopped suddenly. Try curbing your eating habits and curbing the intake of caffeinated drinks to one cup a day for the best results.

Cautions for Caffeine Intake

Given above are the consolidated benefits and advantages of caffeine on human health. It is very important that you take control of your caffeine intake today so as to avoid circumstances that may arise later. Given below are a few cautionary ways by which you can curb the intake of caffeine in order to embrace a healthy future-

  • One of the most important things you must do is start paying attention to how much caffeine is present in the food and beverage that you intake on a daily basis and curb out the ones that contain high levels of caffeine.
  • Cutting down of the drinking of coffee or tea on a daily basis will help you deal with caffeine addiction to a great extent. Try curbing your intake to maybe one cup daily for the best results. try to stay away from caffeinated drinks in the later stages of the day in order to curb the effects of how long does caffeine last.
  • Caffeine in tea cannot be extracted much no matter how hard you try which is why you can always choose to drink caffeine free tea like herbal tea for the best results.
  • Go for decaf coffee when you can which is noncaffeinated coffee.
  • It is always necessary that you check any medication before using it. Some medication has over 130 mg of caffeine present in the solution which can be quite harmful to the body if you do not know what you are doing.

The query to How Long does Caffeine Last in the Body is now answered!